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Fund security

Transaction funds and account security

Navifx (Forward Finance) The Forex Trading Platform has a comprehensive set of advanced trading systems and system processing processes that play a vital role in the transmission of trader market data. Traders do not need to worry about the flow of personal funds. Due to the full electronic operation, Navifx does not intervene in the direct transactions between the buyers and sellers of the terminal, nor does it profit from price intervention. The client's funds are completely dependent on the investment products. Market price changes.
The customer's trading instructions, Navifx (Navigation Finance) all STP through the foreign exchange clearinghouse: CFH clearing to the foreign exchange market transactions, is completely A book, each transaction order, has a true liquidation record. Welcome to random, random, sample, and review clearing circulation records.

Customer Fund Separation System

All Navifx customers' funds are deposited in separate client funds bank accounts and are isolated from the company's operating funds. No one may use customer account funds without the customer's permission to strictly ensure the safety of client funds.