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CFD Commodities: Brent Crude Oil, US Crude Oil




Petroleum is the 'blood of industrial production' and is an important strategic asset. As the crude oil futures market has the characteristics of price discovery, preservation and speculative speculation, its trading volume has been growing rapidly, and it has become the most active commodity in global transactions. Crude oil futures, referred to as oil futures, refer to crude oil futures, which are divided into New York crude oil and Brent crude oil.


New York Crude Oil


WEST TEXAS INTERMEDIATE (WTI) is a benchmark price for the international oil market and a target for the New York Mercantile Exchange oil futures contract. All crude oil produced or sold to the United States is based on light, low-sulfur WTI as the benchmark oil.


Brant Crude


Brant crude oil produced by Brant in the North Sea of ​​the UK. In general, due to the better oil quality of Texas crude oil and higher refining costs, the price of New York oil futures is generally higher than that of Brent oil in futures prices, and is also regarded as an important indicator of oil prices.