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Company Profile

About the initial heart of NaviFX:

The name of the platform is taken from the first four characters "NAVI" of the English Navigation (Navigation), which means to be the leader of the foreign exchange platform A book.

Looking back on the past, when we were still a client and an agent broker, we noticed that the platform for cooperation often had malicious slippage (expanded spreads), unable to liquidate positions, unable to place orders, unable to place orders, restrict EA trading, and arbitrarily reduce Leverage, modify the order price... (install plug-in to control the normal operation of MT4), in the face of unfair trading environment, we hope to establish a 100% order A book platform, create the most fair trading environment, and be the leader of the foreign exchange platform A book Initiated the original intention.

NaviFX Leading Finance is currently the only platform in the industry that guarantees 100% A book selling and not betting, and not making a market. Committed to providing global institutions, legal persons and retail traders with a fair, safe, stable and long-term cooperative financial derivatives online trading service provider.

A book trader who sells 100% will always stand with the interests of customers and sincerely hope that customers will make profits. Every order of a trader has a real settlement record that can be checked.

We firmly believe that only customers with the same values ​​can cooperate for a long time.

If we are a B book platform, we cannot compete with the big platforms in the industry;

But when we are a 100% A book platform, the industry platform cannot compete with NaviFX Pilot Finance.