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Company advantages

NAVIFX fully adopts the world's leading STP technology

NALVIFX (Leading Finance) mainstream forex trading platform - MT4 uses the world's leading STP trading technology.
STP stands for Straight Through Processing, which is a straight-through processing system.
All customer orders in the platform are sent directly to multiple international banks, and the system automatically performs the first time to take effect.
STP brokers do not participate in specific foreign exchange transactions, but provide traders with a direct access to the real foreign exchange market.
The significance of choosing STP brokers is that straight-through processing can maximize order execution speed and reduce the possibility of third-party intervention.

Select NAVIFX, we make sure:

100% Transaction Transparency

The NAVIFX Forex Trading Platform brings together all participants' trading requests and connects customer orders to the open interbank market. Traders' counterparties in the platform are the world's major foreign exchange banks, financial institutions or individual investors. In the trading interface of the NAVIFX platform, traders can easily browse all the bidding prices of the target products and select the most suitable contract to trade.

Full anonymous transaction

Under the NAVIFX platform, there is no trader mode, traders do not have to worry about their "travel" being monitored. When a trader enters the market or performs a specific operation, there will be no “special person” tracking of this, nor will “internal digestion” traders order orders. Orders in all platform systems pass STP Electronics. The network is automatically executed in the first time anonymously.NAVIFX adopts Straight Through Processing (STP) straight-through trading system, and the transaction price is synchronized with the international market in real time; through cooperation with liquidity providers, customers' trading orders can be connected to the international market in real time.

Transaction is fast

100% order execution, more stable platform performance, faster order execution efficiency, relatively frequent price fluctuations, and is conducive to ultra-short-term traders.

One account connects to the global market

NAVIFX customers can trade Forex, Precious Metals, Offshore Renminbi, CFD Commodities: Petroleum Energy and Global Equity Index on one platform. NAVIFX allows you to trade as low as 0.01 mini lots, allowing customers to develop more accurate trading strategies while improving risk management.

Low transaction cost

Provides better trading spreads than the industry, allowing customers to better control transaction costs.

All-round online support service

Professional customer service team provides services such as account inquiry, deposit and withdrawal, platform guide, network technical support, etc., and strives to bring the most satisfactory trading experience to customers.