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Frequently Asked Questions
1. About trading
1. What is foreign exchange?
Forex, commonly known as Forex, is the world's largest financial market. By continuously buying and selling foreign currencies, the foreign exchange market has become the most liquid market in the world.
The goal of foreign exchange trading is to make a profit by judging the price fluctuation of the currency.

2. What is a CFD?
CFD is the contract for difference in English. In actual transactions, CFD is a type of financial derivatives that investors use to determine
The price trend of a certain financial product, to buy more or sell short, in order to earn profits.

3. Can I trade for 24 hours?

can. You can trade forex and precious metals 24 hours a day, every day from 17:05 pm to Friday at 16:59 pm EST. For CFD products,
Each product has different trading hours, but most products are traded every day from 18:00 pm to Friday at 16:59 pm, the specific transaction time of each product.
For details and details, please refer to the “Trade Products List” under “Transaction Products”. If you encounter any problems when logging in or using the platform, you can use our services.
Get in touch with us at cs@navifx.com

4. What is the base currency?
The base currency refers to the currency in the top of the currency group, such as EUR/USD, and EUR is the base currency.

5. What is the "sell/buy price"? What is the "spread"? 
The purchase price is the minimum purchase price that the trader is willing to accept. The selling price refers to the highest selling price that the trader is willing to accept. These two prices constitute the quotation group, and the price
The difference is the spread.

6. What is leverage?
In financial transactions, leverage is simply a multiplication sign (*). Using this tool, you can magnify the results of your investment, regardless of the end result.
Both earnings and losses will increase at a fixed rate, so investors must carefully analyze the earnings expectations in the investment project before using this tool.
There are also risks that may be encountered.

7. Can I use the lock function?
can. NAVI customers can use the lock function.

8. Can I set a stop loss/take profit order?
can. Not only can you set Stop Loss/Take Profit orders, you can also use pending orders, and other types of risk management orders, such as trailing stops, and two-way limits.
Price list (OCO).

9. What is the balance/net value/used margin/remaining margin? 
Net worth = balance +/- profit / loss
Margin used = the amount of margin used by the position amount, also known as the occupancy margin
Margin remaining = net value - used margin, also known as available margin

10. When is the overnight interest added?
In most cases, overnight interest on foreign exchange is added to the client's account at 17:00 pm EDT every day.
The interest quotes you see at Reuters or HSBC are for informational purposes only and are not used for trading purposes. The quotes you see at other banks or market makers cannot
Fully representing NAVI's interest offer. The interest quote you receive on our platform is the quote that is immediately available for trading.

11. Why is there a slippage?
In the event of a violent shock in the market, the order may not be executed instantaneously, and a slippery price occurs. But this happens only in extreme market conditions or flows.
In the case of extremely low versatility. When the slip price occurs, the customer will get the opportunity to re-inquire immediately after a few seconds.
2. About platform login
When users are unable to log in to the platform, please check them in the following ways:

1. View network connection status
If the network is disconnected, please reconnect to the network and log in to the platform again. If the network connection is correct, please check whether other software can log in normally, such as other software.
Also can't log in normally, please restart your computer and try again. If the network connection is normal, other software can also log in. Please follow the steps below to view other issues.

2, please use a proxy server to log in to the platform
NAVI MT4 proxy server address (selected in the lower right corner of the software)

3. View anti-virus software and firewall settings
Please log in again after turning off the network firewall and adjusting the anti-virus level.

4. Reinstall the software after uninstalling
Go to the "Control Panel", uninstall the installed NAVI MT4 software, and reinstall the platform software after downloading on the NAVI official website. It should be noted that
After uninstalling the software, you need to confirm that the file registry has been completely cleared.
5. If none of the above methods can help you log in to the platform again, please contact us through our service email at cs@navifx.com.
Please prepare your name and account number before contacting, please provide your transaction password if necessary. 

6. If MT4 cannot be closed, please provide the following relevant data within ten minutes of the problem: 
1) Time of the problem 2) Screenshot 3) Video 4) MT4 account log 5) Account number 6) Detailed information Send to our service email cs@navifx.com
 We will check and process you as soon as possible.

3. About technical support
1. What is the customer service time of NAVI?
NAVI's customer service provides customers with excellent service five days a week.

2. What kind of computer configuration does the platform need to run?
NAVI's platform is suitable for ordinary computers, and we strongly recommend that you use a broadband connection to ensure the smoothness of your transactions.

3. Why are the quotes on my platform not updated?
First check if your network connection is working. If there is no problem with the network connection, please contact customer service by sending an email to cs@navifx.com.
Please prepare your name and account number before contacting, please provide your transaction password if necessary.

4. What materials do I need to prepare for customer service consultation?
When contacting NAVI Customer Service, it is best to provide detailed account information and the questions you want to resolve. Be sure to provide your account username.
Account opening time, the time of the problem, the web browser you are using, and the error message prompted by the system, and try to provide screenshot information of related issues, etc.