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Risk Disclaimer

NAVI financial trading products are margin trading and are high risk investments, only applicable to individuals and institutional investors who are able to bear the risk of loss. NAVI can provide forex trading accounts with a leverage ratio of up to 100:1. If you trade at the maximum leverage, the risk will increase, and a small price fluctuation may cause a large reduction in the net asset value of the account. High leverage means high returns and high risks. Before deciding to invest in any financial product, you must carefully consider your investment objectives, trading experience, and economic coverage. Leveraged trading has the potential to lose some or all of your initial deposits, so you should avoid investing in funds that cannot withstand losses. The client should have a clear understanding of the risks of the above-mentioned foreign exchange and futures exchanges. If in doubt, seek advice from a personal financial advisor. NAVI specifically stated that in the event of a network connection or network speed problem, the platform cannot log in or perform other operations. NAVI is not responsible for the transaction losses caused by customers due to their own network problems.

Disclaimer regarding order execution

Navigator Global td. ("NAVI") The settlement risk of customers who use STP (straight through processing) to enter the market transaction mode when executed. Any and all orders placed through NAVI include, but are not limited to, limit orders, stop orders, trailing stops, and pending orders, all of which will be directly linked to NAVI's bank and STP system in the form of Market Orders. Providing liquidity to the market with the home bank by holding sufficient stock of various currencies. Your order will be entered directly into each bank as a market order. NAVI is not responsible for any deviations or results arising from any market order executed by the bank.

Customers who limit orders at a specific price through NAVI may be affected by market fluctuations or other factors including, but not limited to, news events, political events, raw material market events, and research report releases. The final trade execution deviates from the price it sets. Therefore, while stop orders usually help customers to control potential losses, when the market trend tends to be unfavorable, please note that stop orders may not be able to fully control losses as expected. NAVI is not liable for price deviations and results between the execution price of any stop loss order and the customer's default price. If your account has sufficient funds and your required stop loss is outside the market's minimum acceptable stop loss distance, you can adjust your stop loss to any level you want. Although a stop-loss order can help you control the risk of a position in a certain sense, you must be aware that all orders are subject to market gaps.

NAVI is committed to providing customers with the best quotation and taking every effort and all necessary measures. Stop Loss Orders, Take Profit orders, long pending orders, and short pending orders will be executed at the customer's requested price. However, under certain special trading conditions, NAVI may not be able to guarantee that all or any order will be filled at the customer's requested price. This can result in delays in the execution of transactions, including orders that are gapped in the system.

Disclaimer on the use of electronic trading systems including MT4 platform EA

Customer agrees to assume all responsibility for the use of the Electronic Trading Platform and any orders transmitted through the Electronic Trading Platform. Navigator  Global  Ltd.  ("NAVI>") is not responsible for any differences or results associated with the use of the MT4 Platform EA (Expert Advisors) automated trading program. Customers are solely responsible for using their EA (Expert Advisors) automated trading program and all trading practices based on the program. NAVI has a neutral position on the use of EA (Expert Advisors) automated trading programs. Any and all positions caused by EA (Expert Advisors) automated trading programs are accidentally turned on or off, regardless of whether they are due to system errors or not, and NAVI is not responsible for such actions or the resulting results. Any responsibility